We are so excited to welcome you to the wonderful world of Wondermade decals- making the world of furniture less boring one decal at a time. 

Wondermade decals transform basic, plain furniture into statements of style. Specifically designed for use on some of the most popular IKEA furniture pieces for children's rooms we want to inject a lot of colour, pattern and fun into your home with our easy as can be to apply decal sets. 

Our decals can transform a set of drawers in under 5 minutes and we also pride ourselves on being very affordable so you can change your look often and easily.

More styles to come, more prints to come, we're also hoping to offer custom orders soon so you can use our decals to style up for eg: a vintage wardrobe. Let us know what you'd like to see from us- we'd love to hear from you!

x Anette & Daniela (founders Wondermade)

email: anette@wondermade.com.au and daniela@wondermade.com.au

Our little assistants on shoot day loved our Brave superhero decal design (4 of the 6 children we have between us, ie: 3 each!)